Picture this: you or your partner popped the question, the other said yes, and now it’s time to plan a wedding. While it may seem romantic and fun at first, it can quickly turn into an expensive ball of stress. Everything needs to be perfect, from the flowers to the cake to the dress!

Even had these brides dropped the ball on the flowers and cake, no one would’ve noticed. That’s because they donned dresses so unique and obviously magnifique! From material to size to everything else, these dresses were certainly one-of-a-kind, so let’s take a look and keep the score. Would you say yes to these creative dresses?

1. This bride loves sheep as much as the next girl, if not even more. She even borrowed some of this ewe’s locks to match her style! We just hope they’re not the ones who are getting hitched. This sheep looks more like a bahhchelorette!

2. What’s more romantic than receiving roses or having roses at your wedding? That’s right, a wedding dress made of roses! We’re not sure if these pedals are real, or how on earth this dress was created, but we’re happy to water her!

3. Today’s culture is all about self-love. We must accept ourselves, take care of ourselves, and… marry ourselves? We applaud this person for taking the next step, but we can’t imagine how that first dance will look! 

4. “I want a 50-foot-long wedding train, but how can I show it off properly?” Well, ma’am, with a hot-air balloon, of course! Plus, if anything goes wrong up there, she can use her dress as a parachute!

5. Settling on a color, style, and pattern that will suit all your bridesmaids’ dresses can be pretty difficult. Why not give everyone their own complimentary shade? Bonus points: it will make your wedding party look like the Power Puff Girls!

6. Typically when a wedding occurs, hundreds of people are invited, so the bride can feel a little crowded. Keep everyone — and we mean EVERYONE — at bay with the biggest dress ever!

7. For those who enjoy a nature theme but are worried the previously shown roses will wilt before the ceremony has even started, try a dress entirely made of peacocks! After all, don’t these feathers attract a partner?

8. These genius newlyweds have found the perfect way to save money on their nuptials. Weddings can easily cost thousands of dollars, so why not try to find a sponsor or nine to lighten the load?

9. A great way to show your ex what’s what is by getting remarried in a dress consisting solely of your divorce papers. Let’s just hope the strapless top holds up better in real life than on this mannequin…

10. Apologies, where were we? We seem to have lost our train of thought. While a large headpiece like this may not be for everyone, it certainly asserts power. We can all tell who wears the tiara in this relationship!

11. This wedding dress is definitely poppin’! Best of all, the groom gets to pop it once the honeymoon sets off. It’s going to be one noisy celebration!

12. Let’s face it, Emma Thompson has all of our hearts, and she can rock anything she wishes. If you enjoy dressing like a royal and experimenting with patterns, this dress is for you. Just don’t forget who wore it first.

The Telegraph

13. Bananas are some of the healthiest foods out there: containing potassium, calcium, vitamins, and healthy sugars, they fill us with energy and good feelings. Let’s hope the marriage is as healthy as this dress!

14. And if you’ve still got an appetite for dessert, take a bite out of this bridal gown! The two most beautiful things at every wedding are usually the dress and the cake, and this combines the two perfectly!

Of course, wedding cakes can become beacons of creativity as well. While the dresses were one-of-a-kind, these, well, interesting cakes would be perfect compliments…


1. Nothing says a wedding like Entenmann’s! These are certainly a money saver, and let’s face it: we all love a proper old-school bundt cake. This should pair nicely with the toilet paper dress for a low-budget shotgun wedding!

2. Almost, but not quite. It’s like the all the right-sized component parts of the cake were there, but whoever was in charge of stacking them decided to go for something more… avant-garde.


3. Is the theme of the wedding “gore?” If it’s not, and this isn’t secretly a Halloween cake (is that even a thing?) disguised as a wedding cake, then something like this is fairly ill-advised.


4. There are almost too many things wrong with this to tally, but if we had to pick one, we’d note that associating your nuptials with the flag of a failed, misguided rebellion isn’t a good sign.


5. He may be a pretty literal baker, that’s for sure, but you’ve definitely got to hand it him for following instructions to a tee. At the end of the day, isn’t that all you can really hope for?


6. If there is such a thing as an uncanny valley for wedding cakes, this one certainly falls smack dab in the middle of it. The cake-bride seems much happier about the situation than the real one.


7. Flowerless chocolate cake? Poop? You decide! On second thought, there’s a very good chance that this a Jabba the Hut cake viewed from behind. That still leaves some unanswered questions though…

8. “Like, thanks, dude!” There is a lot of green on that cake, so at least they kept things on-theme. That doesn’t make it a good idea or appropriate for a wedding, but let’s stop harshing their mellow, brah.

9. This is the only wedding cake you’d need if you were planning to get married at a Phish show or a Lisa Frank shop. We’re not saying that wouldn’t be tons of fun, but we are noting that this particular cake is clearly not at a Phish show.


10. Nailed it! This is why you never, ever entrust your wedding cake to that friend who insists they can do just as good a job as the pros at a fraction of the price!


11. The Leaning Tower of Cakeza. If it’s supposed to look like that, it’s an impressive feat of baked-good engineering. If not, well… it looks like it would have been a very pretty cake upright!


12. This cake is microwave safe, so, at least it’s got that going for it! We suppose that if that if you really just want a big day where you can hang out with all your peeps, this is the cake for you!


13. Looks… earthy? The garden cake is really blah, but the more pressing mystery is what exactly is going on up top… Why is the groom sitting? Why is there a deer there? Was the deer at the wedding?


14. This is like the Jackson Pollock of wedding cakes or something. Maybe more confounding than the cake is the clothing. Those two guys in the background are definitely not in standard wedding gear…


15. Fun fact: a kid drew this cake, and a 3D printer brought it to life. Maybe. The sad part is that you can almost tell what they were going for… but they fell far, far short of their vision.


16. Were these guys looking for a three tier or three TIRE cake…?

17. This is the wedding cake for film buffs with warped priorities. Its not like Dr. Zhivago is a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just that this particular cake is… totally ridiculous.


18. “What flavor do you want?” “Yellow, please.” Not only is the color more than a little off-putting, but something about the lumpiness and lack of form makes it seem even worse.


19. Mmm… fish! While some people are sure to be disappointed when they’re expecting cake and get seafood instead, the bears and sharks attending the wedding will be most appreciative.

worst-wedding-cakes-39The Chive

20. They get an A for effort. The real issue with this cake is that while it looks cool, it also looks like it’s mostly a bunch of plastic. Good luck feeding two families with this frosted wonderland.


21. Because to hell with actual cakes! Who likes them anyway? Friends, family, a beautiful ceremony, and a couple dozen Krispy Kremes are really all you need to make any wedding special!

worst-wedding-cakes-27The Chive

22. Does it represent America? Does it represent nature? Is it appetizing? Who knows! The one thing you can say for sure about this cake is that you know it’s classy when they use the glittery sprinkles!

23. One the one hand, this would be a perfectly fine cake without the brain and blood, but on the other, it’s really pretty boring and nondescript without the gruesome decoration added.

worst-wedding-cakes-32The Chive

24. Because there’s really nothing people want more coming into contact with the food they’re about to eat than a bunch of paper that has touched thousands and thousands of unwashed hands…

worst-wedding-cakes-33The Chive

25. Hopefully this couple’s marriage lasts longer than their cake! Though the bride and groom seem to be splitting up, at least the inside looks delicious…

26. The colors are beautiful. The structure? Not so much. It’s hard to say what exactly they might have been going for here. Maybe a witch or wizard’s hat… but then why add the colors?

27. Asymmetrical layer cakes are all the rage these days. It takes a good baker to pull off a structural feat like this… or a bride and groom who like to live their lives on the edge of danger.


28. They just gave up and made this. How dare they! This is another one where you have to wonder with a hint of admiration how exactly they managed to make this monstrosity stand upright…

29. Not a bad cake, but not a great way to cut it, either! It seems odd that she wouldn’t have started cutting up top, but then maybe her groom will be making that face a lot throughout the marriage!

30. Is your soon-to-be partner stuck in their ways? No worries! This cake can make both parties happy with a sweet half-n-half design.

31. In case you forgot your vows — or your pants — this cake has got your back! Just be sure to let the baker know the most important parts so they can be underlined.

32. Can’t go wrong with a simple white cake and some rose petals, right? Well, just like marriage, sometimes the expectation is not the reality.